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He's saying that he actually went through the install on his virtual drive I'm assuming. So the answer so far is NO you cannot get that boot screen back and you dont need it. In compiz you can switch window mangers and If you want command line only the don't startx. What else from that menu do you really need except the l33tness of the way it looks?
Exactly. There's really no options you need in that menu besides compiz. If compiz is not working, boot bt3 that's installed on the hard drive. Plug in your usb adapter and open it in bt3. Inside your usb adapter go to /bt3/optional/
Press f4 to open your terminal there. type in

lzm2dir cubez.lzm /

For me, that fixed my crazy compiz issues. Compiz was running on the hard drive install, but I had no l33tness. After I did that and rebooted, Bam!Sham! I got all the pretty firey windows.