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Thread: command not found

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    Default command not found

    I was messing around with the different tools to familiarize myself with what is here and i went to see what metagoofil is under backtrack -> info gathering -> searchengine.
    after going in it gave me an example:
    Example: -d -l 20 -f all -o micro.html -t micro-files

    so i copied and pasted and it came up with this:
    /pentest/enumeration/google/metagoofil# -d -l 20 -f all -o micro.html -t micro-files
    bash: command not found

    After that I ls the dir and came up with this:
    /pentest/enumeration/google/metagoofil# ls

    I can see that it is there so I am confused. Also I have no idea what this tool does but I thought I would actually learn a bit doing the example, but apparently not.

    In advance, thank you for your support.

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    Default Re: command not found

    Not a bug.

    Time to learn some Linux basics I think. Read up on how to run programs in Linux that are not in the path...

    Hint. Try one of the following methods to run the script.

    With /pentest/enumeration/google/metagoofil/ as the present working directory:
    With any directory as the present working directory:
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    Default Re: command not found

    cat README.txt
    Can also be pretty helpful from time to time. If something tells you to read it, you read it.

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