Hi guys!

First of all, a big thank for youre great work.

I just want to report my bugs - My little contribution to the community.

I tested BT3 beta, live-cd on my Macbook Pro - The french keyboard, usually symobolised with a French flag, is not here - Just an red on whit "Err". If I press, two or three more times - The others flags come normally.

I tested on an other computer, (an 4 year old acer laptop), and the french keyboard works good. But lot of others bug, which I wont report beaucouse I think it comes from my hardware and not of the software - Even if BT2 Final, perfectly works on it. For example; The screen isn't full; I mean insted of use the complete 14" screen, only 7 ore 8" are used - And the mouse can go outside it, but it makes bugs by moving the different shells - But I do not have these bugs on the Mac.