Well guys,

Tomorrow or Wednesday I'm leaving from Texas to go up north, (WAY UP NORTH) to Minnesota to visit my outlaws,(I meant in-laws ) over the Christmas break. I won't be back until the 27th. And I will not be here or on the internet because they live out on a farm and have dial-up!! Not even my alfa 500 mW could pick up a connection with 2 extra amps on it!! Besides that, I really need a break. You guys are killing me with PM's!!!

So, while I'm gone into the frozen tundra, I hope you will watch over things here while I'm away and HELP the no0bs in the no0bie area and in my video threads please. I know its a hard thing to do, (to have patience) but when you help someone, your also helping yourself (very true) ) SO please cut them a break and try your best to help out around here in my absence. If I don't get a chance to tell you all merry Christmas let me do it now..

Everyone, and keep in the spirit of giving...even after the holidays are over. Love one another and remember to always forgive one another.

Happy holidays everyone!!