Drop a file in the modprobe.d directory with the following in it and the kernel seems to interact with the Vaio's features perfectly. I.e. power remaining, function keys, volume buttons, mute button etc

alias char-major-10-250 sonypi
options sonypi minor=250

Version 1.9.1 enables the screen brightness and magnification buttons.

It won't work for all Vaio's though.

Wireless cards I have tested in work today:

Alfa network USB Wireless adapter (has the best antenna on any adapter I have used) Model No:AWUS036H
Netgear WAG511 32 bit dual band
Netgear WG511 v 2

All the above worked OK.

//Just plugged a linksys WPC11 in.....brought BT3 crashing to its knees big time....lots of EIP errors...error message too long to post but can PM it to someone if they are interested.