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Thread: Lenovo T60p

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    Default Lenovo T60p

    Sooo here we go....

    I tested my T60 first with USB Boot.
    KDE standard boot doesn't work at the first time - xserver errors......

    But with VESA it works fine and you can work well with it.
    The wlan module is installed correctly and works.
    Touchpad also works, this were with BT2 standard not possible.

    Soo i have to test why the xserver matches problems and install it to hdd

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    Yes I had the same problem on mine. After running


    then saving the changes to usb it works.
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    Default not with mine

    I have a T60p 2613cto
    with a ATI Firegl 5250 256MB and an IPW3945

    -regular kde startup works fine (correct resolution)
    -compiz from boot does not work (server starts, looks fine and a few seconds later it crashes)

    the wireless cards seems to have some stability issues (I'm guessing it's not the regular driver since it creates two interfaces), can't connect to WPA (only tried tkip psk) and when you issue "start-kismet-ng" it says it can't find a suitable interface cause it can't enable monitor mode even though i can manually enable monitor mode via iwconfig.

    i haven't tested everything yet (like bluetooth) but I'll post again later.

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    Hi there,
    for me it's the same. I have a T60p, after USB-booting compiz crashes. I issue a "xconf" and "startx" and then I have a stable X running, but compiz seems no to deliver its' nice features (no cube, notting), but the compiz manager is loaded.
    How can I get to a working compiz environment??

    PS: With an X60 everything works problems
    Don't eat yellow snow :rolleyes:

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