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Thread: vi mouse paste

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    Default vi mouse paste

    I found it useful to copy and paste text using the mouse buttons with editing files in terminals, ie. right mouse button and copy highlighted text and paste it using the right mouse button options.

    The right mouse button seems to no loger work when the terminal is in vi.

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    ====this does not belong in this section===============

    VI is a different kind of editor, you should research how to use it. this section is for bugs AND FIXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Please use correct forum when posting...

    MOVED from "Bugs & Fixes"

    Please people, look for the appropriate forum when posting!!!

    "Bugs & Fixes" (as per the title description) is for bugs that have been FOUND & FIXED - posts in that sub-forum should also have detailed descriptions of what the bug is AND how it was fixed.........

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