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A small tutorial to get GNS3 working under BT3...if you have not heard of GNS3...Allow me to introduce here dynamips/dynagen/gns3

=================================== A little background ==================================

as the Author of dynamips Christophe Fillot puts it

"I started in August 2005 a project to emulate a Cisco 7200 on a traditionnal PC. Now, it also supports Cisco 3600 series (3620, 3640 and 3660), 3700 series (3725, 3745) and 2600 series (2610 to 2650XM, 2691)."

Thats right! you can actually boot cisco IOS for the above platforms on a normal PC!!! If you don't know what an IOS is you can stop reading this tutorial right here(see footnote 1).

you can read all about it here

for non developers (users) the real action is here

there is a very active community there so please go there and search the forums in case you have problems, please excuse my tone, i'm just a BT3 n00b and not capabale of giving technical assistance, however if you direct your queries to the BT3 community, you may get assisted. So feel free to use the thread to ask others here for help,i will not respond to any queries whatsoever consider yourself warned!!!
If you find the tutorial usefull / helpfull please leave a comment and i will dedicate time to improve it. Suggestions Improvements Welcomed
================================================== ==================================

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  |           /GNS3         |
  |          TUTORIAL       |
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Ok you still here? good.

This tutorial is based on GNS3-0.3.2 version which is the latest to date, if their is a newer version these instructions may not be applicable, but like i said all your problems can be solved here

you can read about gns3 on their home page

and of coz go get GNS3-0.3.2 from from the download area

whilst there you might notice a M$ windows all in one package, just know that you will get better performance with a Linux System period.

download the linux compressed GNS3-0.3.2-src.tar.gz
and unpack it
bt ~ #tar xvzf GNS3-0.3.2-src.tar.gz
bt ~ #cd /GNS3-0.3.2

you will notice GNS3-0.3.2 requires the following dependencies to be installed
* Qt >= 4.3,
* Python >= 2.4
* Sip >= 4.6
* PyQt >= 4.3

Although there could be a way of getting this done via slapt-get, swaret etc
for me installing each package by hand was a good way to familiarising
myself with BT3 (slack environment) so for the really lazy sorry.

You will need Qt4 which you can get here

www[dot]slacky[dot]eu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4362&Ite mid=56

you will notice that there are 3 Dependencies: postgresql, unixodbc, sqlite

since BT3 already provides postgresql & sqlite you need to get unixodbc

you can verify this by opening a terminal and typing
bt ~ #pkgtool

using your arrow keys scroll to view and hit enter you can now scroll through all packages installed and also you can use this to check if packages you installed have been added.

also from same site ([hech tea tea pee]://slacky.eu/) just do a search to get pyqt4
which has Dependencies: sip, Qt4

since we already got Qt4 we will only need to get sip

so in total we should get the following 4 packages


download these files and put them in a directory eg /gns3

change to that directory in a terminal and fireup pkgtool
bt ~ #cd /gns3
bt gns3 #pkgtool

use install packages from the current directry and install all 4 packages.

OK now we are ready to install GNS3

to install change to directory where the files were unpacked and type
python setup.py install

(in case you forgot we did download the linux compressed GNS3-0.3.2-src.tar.gz
and unpacked it at the begining of the tutorial )

bt ~ #cd /GNS3-0.3.2
bt GNS3-0.3.2 #python setup.py install

you will see all sorts of stuff zoom on your screen
when it finishes run gns3 by typing at the prompt
bt ~ #gns3

If all went well A window Titled GNS3 should come up.

Now we need to download the dynamips binary from


put it in a directory eg

On the GNS3 Window go to Edit Menu --> Preferences --> Dynamips
Under Settings in the executable path put the path to the binary eg

Click the test Button at the bottom.
if all went well you will get Dynamips Succesufully Started.

OK we are done!
get the documentation www[dot]gns3[dot]net/documentation
a valid IOS and go configure your routers!!!

You need a valid IOS Image to configure networks and study for CCNA/CCNP/CCIE
Also note that pix versin 7.x is also emulated but that is beyond
the scope of this tutorial.
if you want to emulate pix goto the PEMU section at

=================================== .: END :. =========================================

If you are a Network Administrator coming from the M$ world you can get off to a good start in the networking world by going here