having problem to set up resolution with a working refresh rate, the live cd boots up in 800*600 at 60hz , when i change it to 1400*900 its set to 0 hz
so i cant choose a resolution and refresh rate i want , am using an ati x1800 xt 512mb ,

i want to install bt3 as dual boot with bt3, we need a manual or instructions, i tried to use the bt2 instructions but doesnt work , i lost all my data in the process , no worries anyways , would be nice if we had a specific instructions on how to dual boot VISTA/BT3 ONLY, a complete one

i video would be cool ,

again i dont want bt2 instructions
thanx in advance

great OS ))

Problem solved , its posted in bugs and fixes section about installing Ati drivers

worked great for ati x1300 and ati x1800 xt