Hi, i have both version, usb and cd, the cd version boots in a perfect way, but when i try to boot from usb, I get an error somenthing like this:
cannot load base/(something).lzm
corrupted download?
"this should never happend again
computer cannot continue, press crtl+alt+del to reboot your computer"
the erros is quite similer to this,
but it might be not exactly like this...
can anyone help me?

Hardware specifications:
Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo T7200E 2.0GHz, FSB 667MHz 
Cache: 4MB L2 Cache 
Mem: 2GB DDR2 667MHz 
hdd: 120GB SATA - 5400 rpm - 8MB Memory Cache 
Ecrã: 15.4'' WXGA Color Shine LCD 
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 512MB (256MB video) (256MB System) 
connectivity: Wireless 802.11g, Lan 10/100, Firewire, Modem 56K, TV-Out, Bluetooth 2.0