ifconfig eth1 down

to do injection !
sudo modprobe -r ipw3945
sudo modprobe ipwraw

ifconfig eth1 up

airmon-ng start eth1 -- monitor mode eth1

airmon-ng start eth1

Interface Chipset Driver


but if i dont remove the ipw3945 driver every thing goes fine till i get to the last point..

eth1 Centrino b/g ipw3945 (monitor mode enabled)
airodump-ng eth1 -- to scan with ipw3945

aireplay-ng -1 0 -e xxxxxx -a 00:0D:xx:xx:xx:xx -b 00:0D:xx:xx:xx:x -h 00:13:xx:xx:xx:xx eth1
10:32:09 Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID: 00:0D:xx:xx:xx:xx)
10:32:11 Sending Authentication Request
10:32:14 Sending Authentication Request
10:32:17 Sending Authentication Request
10:32:20 Sending Authentication Request
10:32:23 Sending Authentication Request
10:32:26 Sending Authentication Request
10:32:29 Sending Authentication Request

Attack was unsuccessful. Possible reasons:

* Perhaps MAC address filtering is enabled.
* Check that the BSSID (-a option) is correct.
* Try to change the number of packets (-o option).
* The driver hasn't been patched for injection.
* This attack sometimes fails against some APs.
* The card is not on the same channel as the AP.
* Injection is not supported AT ALL on HermesI,
Centrino, ndiswrapper and a few others chipsets.
* You're too far from the AP. Get closer, or lower
the transmit rate (iwconfig <iface> rate 1M).

im using ubuntu 7.10 -- i know i should use bt3 -- currently on a hp pavilion dv1688us.. any help would be greatly appreciated..