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Thread: Screen resolution for LOGIN screen

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    Default Screen resolution for LOGIN screen

    Hi, I am having a problem finding out how to set the BT boot screen resolution.

    There are plenty of threads on here about how to set this but they are either referring to higher / non standard sizes, or just how to set them for KDE / Flux in general.

    Flux runs fine for me when I get it going, but the problem I am having is with the boot screen.

    I have BT2 on HDD and power up as normal. It runs through all of its usual stuff and I come to the login prompt.

    I have installed BT on an old Toshiba 4010cdt purely for use a dedicated audit tool. It has a max resolution of 800x600, but the boot section of BT tries to go at a resolution of 1024x768. (I think)

    I have tried xconf and xorgconf but obviously these are to set up the stuff for KDE / Flux

    Can anyone point me in the direction of being able to set the resolution from the moment BT starts to boot.

    At the minute I can only see the top half of the login window and as such makes any Bash commands harder to input.

    May thanks, A complete noob.

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    I know the thread is a little old, but I am a little bit wiser where Linux is concerned too.

    Is there a chance anyone can point me toward how to set the display size in the config files??

    I have noticed there are numbers to represent certain resolutions to the kernel. Is there a list of them that I could run through for a trial and error technique?

    Many thanks

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    run liloconfig, then set it up using the expert option. You will have the chance to set the correct framebuffer resolution.

    If you need any more info on setting lilo up, just ask
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    Or more simply just pass your current lilo config a new vga option. Set the vga= parameter to the VESA resolution that you want. The following vga numbers are all 256 colors which is plenty for the boot screen.

    640x480 vga=769
    800x600 vga=771
    1024x768 vga=773
    1280x1024 vga=775
    1600x1200 vga=796

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