Hi, I am having a problem finding out how to set the BT boot screen resolution.

There are plenty of threads on here about how to set this but they are either referring to higher / non standard sizes, or just how to set them for KDE / Flux in general.

Flux runs fine for me when I get it going, but the problem I am having is with the boot screen.

I have BT2 on HDD and power up as normal. It runs through all of its usual stuff and I come to the login prompt.

I have installed BT on an old Toshiba 4010cdt purely for use a dedicated audit tool. It has a max resolution of 800x600, but the boot section of BT tries to go at a resolution of 1024x768. (I think)

I have tried xconf and xorgconf but obviously these are to set up the stuff for KDE / Flux

Can anyone point me in the direction of being able to set the resolution from the moment BT starts to boot.

At the minute I can only see the top half of the login window and as such makes any Bash commands harder to input.

May thanks, A complete noob.