Guys, after searching through the forums I wasn't able to find much information on "superblock" relating to BT.

I was just messing around with wesside-ng tonight in BT2F and it was giving me an error maximum transmit exceeded or something like that so after about 3 min. I killed it ctrl+c and then my system locked up.

I did a hard reboot (hold the power button down till it shut off) then when I goto boot back up it appeared to be checking the filesystem and said

dev/sda3 is a filesystem that contains errors. force check

it then started going through some sort of process and after sometime it said run fsck manually and something about try running e2fsck 8169 <device>

This is the second time this has happened to me, last time I searched for awhile and just did a re-install, but this time I would like to know exactly what's goin on. The above number 8169 might have been a lil diff. as I can't remember everything word for word, but I'm sure someone has experienced this before.

I was able to get it back up and running this time just by simply "fsck" and answering "y" to all the ?'s, but last time that didn't work.

If anyone wouldn't mind explaining what exactly <device> their talking about via: e2fsck 8169 <device>

or if this happens again what I might try? I believe last time was the same prob. I shut down improperly due to system lockup.

Thanks a bunch in advance