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Thread: So in your opinion .... which card ?

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    Default So in your opinion .... which card ?

    Hey guys im new here and have heard about WEP cracking for a while and wanted to try it out on my own router, I use WPA2 but just out of curiosity.

    Anyway iv been reading the forums and a few other websites even

    but im getting confused and was wondering if anyone can help me clear up a few questions I have.

    First im guessing that fast backtrack2 (or the new beta) is the best cracking software so far. Thats what everyone seems to be saying and thats why im here. Correct ?

    Second, I don't have a laptop, but this can be done on PC right ?

    Third, seen as I dont have a wireless card, I am going to buy a USB dongle, which is the best one to buy that can do everything, or can crack WEP at least.

    Fourth, no limited to WEP, what would be the best NIC to crack WEP overall. If I where to buy a laptop, what should I be looking at ?

    Thanks for your time and patience in advance.

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    Anthony i am going to assume that the WEP you want to try and penetrate is your own or that you have permission to do so. Secondly yes Backtrack 2 and now the new beta is the best in my opinion penetration testing distro of Linux out there. With this said you will have a slightly more difficult time doing all the wireless testing with a desktop and a usb wireless adapter but it can be done. As far as nic's and wireless adapters go there isn't a wide selection for desktops but if you are looking into buying a laptop then you can reference this
    i hope this clears up any questions you may have and if you are new to Linux then i suggest you do a lot of reading about "slax" and basic Unix commands.

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