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Thread: AP mode with AWUS036H & general functions...

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    Default AP mode with AWUS036H & general functions...


    i just tried to get my AWUS036H with hotapd into AP mode and it seems that this doesnt work cause the rtl8171 chipset doesnt support AP mode at all.

    is this correct because i couldnt find any recent informations about that, is the rtl8171 chipset able to go into AP Mode for FakeAP_own0.x etc ?

    if its true that this card doesnt support AP Mode, which card would you suggest ?

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    Default Re: AP mode with AWUS036H & general functions...

    the awus036h adapter is capable of AP mode out of the box for windows XP and 2000
    if you have another os search for the right drivers, for linux i suggest compat-wireless

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