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Thread: Dell Inspiron 1501

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    I had this problem with fedora7 and a dell inspiron 9400...
    At the time I had to "Hit the key when booting says you've got 5 seconds before boot. Hit "a" and to add that maxcpus=1 ".
    But it was giving me only one core...
    Otherwise it was possible to edit again and boot with: clocksource=acpi_pm
    Hope that helps!

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    I can succesfully boot with the acpi=off (in all modes excluding Nvid obv) but Im having problems with Compiz. (all the following does not relate to normal KDE/VESA boots, which are fine)

    I admit im a Compiz newb so maybe i'm just being stupid but I know that ctrl-alt and the left and right arrow keys would flip the cubez but nothing happens.

    furthermore, I cant even click in a window to enter text into it (or move it):

    EG: - I open a firefox instance, click within the browser address bar but no text will enter into the addybar/window.

    that goes with shell windows as well... it goes pure white when I click on it to enter text and no text will enters the window.

    I have noticed that the mini run textbox on the task bar seemed to grab a hold of the text-cursor.

    anyone got compiz working properly on the 1501?

    also, I have checked my compiz settings and desktop-cubez is definatly eneabled.

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    Default inspiron 1501

    same problem but works with the " acpi=off" to text mode.

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    Hello! i`m about to have my first contact with Backtrack in few days and before that i`d like to know if there is anything special (unpleasent surprises) that i will encounter, when talking in terms of hardware and drivers.

    I own a Dell Inspiron 1501 and because of a small problem (the keyboard is working strange in vmware) i cannot test it in a virtual machine

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    I have an Inspiron 1501, and for the most part it works fine. Wireless injection can be a little bit dodgy, and in the past I have had to limit the rate to about 50 packets/sec to get it to work, but aside from that its good enough.

    Oh, and while I can boot from dvd/cd, I can't seem to boot from a usb stick. A somewhat annoying problem!

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