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Thread: Struggling for days someone come up with a solution been working on it hours!!!

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    Exclamation Struggling for days someone come up with a solution been working on it hours!!!

    Unfortuntelly i can t upload my urls or pictures on here so i juz write out my prblem

    airodump-ng -c 1 -w psk -- bssid 00:1B:2F:A3:0D:F2 rausb0

    when i get to that step i type that in and my network is called
    SKY36106 and no cilents come up for my network even if i live it on for 9 hours

    i bought a extra card from ebay called super pass made in canada patent pending superusb-A10 specially bought it for wireless cracking to test if it is possible um i tried putting it in monitor mode when i stop it! it says monitor mode disabled and then logs of bt~# sign cums up then i type airmon-ng start rusb0 thats what my wireless card is called it says monitior mode enabled invaild command:forceprishmheader

    1st shell i got sony vaio vgn-fs315b intel centrino architecture with wlan 802.11b/g eth0 my fitted in card which wont go to disbale monitior mode so i use the one i bought

    Interface Chipset Driver

    eth0 Centrino b/g ipw2200
    rausb0 Ralink USB rt2570

    (monitor mode disabled)

    bt ~ # airmon-ng start rausb0

    Interface Chipset Driver

    eth0 Centrino b/g ipw2200
    rausb0 Ralink USB rt2570 (monitor mode enabled)Invalid command : forceprismheader

    its channel 1 i am searching for sky36106 this what i get 10 mins

    CH 1 ][ Elapsed: 10 mins ][ 2007-12-15 02:02


    00:15:6D:65:02:2B 57 0 902 0 0 1 54 WPA TKIP PSK
    00:1B:2F:A3:0D:F2 33 2 1002 0 0 1 54. WPA TKIP PSK SKY36106
    00:18:4D:17:A5:98 27 0 160 0 0 11 54. WPA TKIP PSK SKY79535

    BSSID STATION PWR Lost Packets Probes

    If there is a way to post pictures let me no so i can make it more clear my prblem this what i get when i try to upload ny pictures You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 15 posts or more.

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    You may want to try to put it into monitor mode with iwconfig rausb0 mode monitor

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    update driver to k2wrlz 2.0.0

    update aircrack-ng to latest dev version

    .will solve all your pb

    if you are using bt3 , the driver is good

    just to check read firsts line of

    modinfo rt73
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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    kaja, I will be pentesting my brothers SKY AP for him within the next month. So if all else fails I will post a tutorial for the SKY_AP [WPA\WPA2\PSK]. I just have to try and get my external hard drive replaced 'again' ffs! 380GB lost twice in 6 months! 160GB of rainbow tables gone [WPA]. So, when I get that space, I can then get my rainbowtables back and then I will be able to sort you out

    Until then, log everything you do and keep me up to date as I would like to know how you get on with your pentest.

    Good luck

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    How is this a tutorial? And why did no other staff member notice this??

    Moving to nob area. Don't post anything but tutorials in my tutorial section for now on kajal4zain. This is your VERBAL warning.
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