Using both BT|3 beta live cd/ dvd/ and hard drive install
the forensics program
vinetto give the following error when run

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/vinetto", line 36, in <module>
   import vinreport
ImportError: No module named vinreport
My research so far shows that if we do a
 #locate vinetto
we get the above output.
Now looking at the first error we learn that vinetto can not find a so called vinreport.
ok so if we look at /usr/bin we see that it indeed makes a reference to this "vinreport"
so a
 #locate vinreport 
shows the above info.
SO I know that the files are on the system however vinetto doesn't know they are there.

I have tried to reinstall vinetto no luck
I even did a cut and paste on the
and for and .pyc
Still no luck
Since this is a fairly new program and relatively unheard of, I have run out of ideas on what else to do.
SO at this time I have no solution.

Also if we look in
The New Book
we only find infos on how to use the program it self
and nothing in regards to "setup".
Again this is the same regardless if it is on a live cd /dvd/ or hdd install.

here is the link for vinetto

ok will update as I can.

EDIT: In order to get this to work I deleted all references to vinetto off of my bt3 setup and used the one from bt2 final and everything worked out fine also see my turtorial on how to use vinetto if you need one