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Thread: atheros monitor mode

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    Default atheros monitor mode

    i cant get my atheros into monitor mode has the syntax changed or something. it connects to the internet right at start up, in B|t 2 i had to run kismet to load proper madwifi files, now i cant get kismet to even start. I didnt post this in the non working hardware forum because im not sure yet if its the hardware or if its me. the wireless card is a d-link g520.

    i tried
    iwconfig ath0 mode monitor channel 6, and a couple other variations, any iput would be greatly appreciated.


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    did you try....

    airmon-ng stop ath0


    airmon-ng start wifi0 9

    thats what got my card WPN-511 to go into monitor mode

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    Uhmmm i don't got problems with my just try this:

    1. Stop your ath0 card
    ifconfig ath0 down

    2. Delete this card

    wlanconfig ath0 delete

    3. Create a new athX device in monitor mode

    wlanconfig ath1 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor

    4. Check iwconfig ath1

    Does it help?

    But remember that it isn't possible to get a device from monitor mode back to managed mode - that seems to be a driver problem...

    To get kismet run you have to edit the kismet.conf

    the "source" must be edited like this (if you use madwifi drivers)


    But it is recommended that you start kismet from console!

    Good Luck

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