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Thread: Dell e1505 - HD install :) WORKING

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    Default Dell e1505 - HD install :) WORKING

    removed backtrack2 and installed (the not tested icon) backtrack3 Works great! YAY!

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    Talking Also got Dell Inspiron E1505 Working

    I installed Back Track 3 about 2 weeks ago. It was a smooth easy install everything works. Wireless card iwl3945 also have a usb network adapter Netgear WG111 both work perfectly.

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    Default Dell Inspirion 6400 (E1505) installed and opperational

    I hope this is of use to you...

    System: Dell inspirion 6400 (E1505)
    Graphics: Ati mobility x1400 (256MB)
    Memory : 1GB
    CPU : Intel Core2 T5600 1.83ghZ 2mb cache

    Graphic Support:
    I needed only an updated driver from vendors site to get it running in 1280x800, but basic vesa mode 1024x768 also works, sadly I couldn't get compiz fusion to run..
    however sound,network,usb and all other devices work


    BT3 beta Installed to hard disk without any drama using the gui backtrack installer, in both live and real install options, and have been running the latter for 3 weeks,

    Booting & shutdown:
    I am triple booting windows xp / server 2003 / backtrack 3 from the windows boot.ini without issues or interference with any of the installed OS's

    reboots, shuts down and powers off fine and when its supposed to!


    ipwraw injects fine,
    iwl3945 drivers also work fine

    minor issues that I can live with:

    It Seems to run hotter with BT3 than when running BT2, probably because its making use of the 2nd core, I plan to compile a new 2.6.24 kernel anyway so maybe I can tweak something to make a difference.

    Burning disks are a problem above 4x speed, despite my best effort the drive wouldn't change to dma mode (sata dvd issue maybe?) so have made a couple of coasters as a result. but I can live with burning at 4x

    Sometimes aireplay-ng injection (-9) check reports as failed, this happens at random, and for quite a while this had me going around in circles thinking something had changed/broken on my system, but for me it actually does work when I try it despite the reported faliure... I am not sure why.

    Also, the Power level is not reported by the 3945 card but I think thats an intel thing anyway.

    no crashes experienced to date

    I really do hope you guys find this of use, and I would like to say thanks to everyone here for their time and effort, I have learned a lot from you all and am truly grateful!

    Thanks Again

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