Dell XPS M140
1.83 ghz Centrino
1.2 gb ram
80 gb HD:
20 gb Winblows XP
55 gb Ubuntu Gutsy
Backtrack 3 beta on Lexar 8 gb USB
IP2200bg internal wireless (just for listening)

While running Backtrack, everything works except the obvious extras that I really don't care about: Trackpad scrolling, Media Center buttons and the "fn" functions.

For injection I have and use 3 USB adapters:
Linksys WUSB54GC (RT-73)
D-Link WUA-1340 (RT-73)
Hawkings HWUG1 (RT-73)

All three cards inject well, however the reception is pretty bad for all except the HWUG1 but it can be connected to an external antenna so that's what I usually end up using. Have been looking for a how-to on modifying the D-Link and Linksys to no avail. I'm sure someone has done it by now though.


It's cracking keys at about 106 k/s in Backtrack and about 132 k/s in Ubuntu.