I was experimenting on my wireless network with backtrack 4, using the Aircrack suite I was able to hack my 2.4 ghz wifi that operates between 1-14 channels.
What i cant do is, on my ubiquity pico station I set it to operate on channel 11 , but i shft a few mhz up which reads 2464 Mhz. After doing this i configure my stations that is ubiquity stations to do channel shifting on the 2.4 ghz and they were all able to connect nice.
But my laptop could not connect because its not seeing the pico station on the channel, making it invisable to nearly all 2.4 ghz wireless cards out there.
My question is how do I get into the pico station using the Aircrak-ng suite and what device out there is capable of doing that except ubquity devices, which i have not found a way to install the Aircrack-ng onto as yet.