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Thread: BackTrack 3 Beta Released!

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    I don't know if or how often the people who make backtrack read this, but I'll say this anyways. Go ahead and take your time and do everything right the first time! Its almost always when projects like this get rushed to be delivered that things get overlooked or not done properly. This kinda always reminds me of a construction saying: "Measure twice cut once!" the same thing can apply to many different situations.

    With that already said, I think backtrack is an excellent distro and appreciate all the hard work put into it to make it what it is today! It has a pretty interface, it's very compatible, has tons of great programs, and installs soo easy to a hard drive. I have very little need for BT3 final because beta already works flawlessly for me. That extra special care taken into creating Backtrack is noticeable and appreciated by many.

    Also there's a great community here! Minus a few _________ like quietstorm.
    (Have your own fun filling in the blank there.)

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    I think one of Mut's favourite quotes is the Abe Lincoln/axe/tree quote

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