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Thread: Someone teach me basic networking for linux

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    Default Someone teach me basic networking for linux


    i'd like to test com_on_air Type 2 card with backtrack 4 final.

    I did an aptitude install dedected

    Then i put in my card. dmsg shows only pcmicia card is inserted. But it doesn't not recognize the card. a insmod com_on_air_cs.ko fails, too.
    So dect_cli can't be run, as device is not "open". It seems i have

    I've latest backtrack updates installed (Kernel .
    Did i miss something? What is needed to basicly check if card is ok?
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    Default Re: Someone teach me basic networking for linux

    This should help you out.

    Clicky clicky

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    Default Re: Someone teach me basic networking for linux

    Well, i'm sorry but this is not getting me any further

    As i'm no natural english speaker i'll try to reexplain what i like to do:

    i want to test if my com_on_air card is in order and recognized by backtrack4.
    So i searched and find a lot of tutorials how to get backtrack and com_on air working, but none for bt4 final.
    As BT4 final has it's own dedected package i'd like to use this one, instead of building my own kernel module.

    So i installed dedected module so i could verify recodnize of card via dmesg. but here kernel modul fails / isn't loaded.

    So either i have missed a step (which mostly will be the reason) or dedected package of bt 4 is not operating as should or i missed to install one more package.

    To make it clear : i don't want a tutorial how to use dedected tools or similar. I just wanna verify card is working and supoorted by bt4 and i don't have bought a card which is out of order.

    btw: i can't get new title "Someone teach me basic networking for linux" in relation to loading kernel modul / using pcmcia card . Can someone explain. So i can make better topics next time.

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    Default solved

    I solved the problem.
    Missing step is to load pcmcia driver.

    To help others having same problem, here a 4 steps verify card is working:
    #aptitude install dedected
    #insmod /lib/modules/
    #insmod /pentest/sniffers/dedected/com-on-air_cs-linux/com_on_air_cs.ko
    #dmesg | tail -n50

    To get dect_cli working one step is still needed:
    #mknod /dev/coa --mode 666 c 3564 0

    Now you can be sure card is ok.
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