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Thread: Stuck on aireplay-ng -2 -b APmac -d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff -m 68 -n 68 -p 0841 -h CLmac at

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    Default Stuck on aireplay-ng -2 -b APmac -d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff -m 68 -n 68 -p 0841 -h CLmac at

    When I get to that point of aireplaying the mac address to get the data packets I wont I am getting these error messges it seems that the command is not working for me –h clmac is showing a error I will show a screen shot in a new bash I typed out:
    Aireplay-ng -2 -b APmac -d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff -m 68 -n 68 -p 0841 -h CLmac eth0
    With my Macs which I have I get the following I tried to methods -2 –b and -5 –b
    My card is eth0 Intel chip set wireless card which works the internal card on my laptop. I bought a external one which is brodcom antenna that works to so I use my card on the laptop to receive ivs and airplay them for me I don t use the other one for anything when type the command in that’s what I get in the screen shots bellow instead of getting the file size and fromds etc I just get receiving packets for hours.

    My network is SKY 36106 after 1 hour 38mins of receiving ivs and etc I still did not get the client for my net work why is that?

    I got all the steps form: http/I-Hacked_com Taking Advantage Of Technology - Cracking Wifi with BackTrack.htm

    But I am getting stud on the first screen shot if u fallow through the site and get to that screen shot you will know which error I am talking about is there any one out there that can help if yes please add me on msn or email me on

    That is what I could scavenge but even though having both APmac and CLmac I can t get the packets to be used

    I got more commands of the site bellow:
    http:how_to_crack_wep_via_a_wireless_client [Aircrack-ng].htm

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    try xploitz video out and see if it helps out.
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    This is kinda a stab in the dark, but are you sure its WEP encryption?

    All the connections with the SKY12345 name in my area are all WPA.

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    how to i install madwifi driver on my card

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    Sky Broadband boxes do indeed use WPA as their default security setting.

    IIRC, the router is usually a DG834.

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