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Thread: Sylvania Magni Elite (MSI Wind U100 rebranded)

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    Default Sylvania Magni Elite (MSI Wind U100 rebranded)

    Edit: I forgot to mention that this was with both the live DVD as well as the HDD install.

    Out of the box it works great!

    Love the fact that it supports the native 1024 x 600 resolution.
    Sound works at boot up.
    Airmon-ng states the wireless card driver is r8180, that is OK I have my Alfa AWUS036H here for the packet injection on my wan.

    Not tested the wired network but lspci sees the Ethernet controller so I have no doubt it will work.

    This is a 10 inch net book. for those that want to use a net book for use with BT 4 I recommend this one.
    Personally this is the smallest I could get away with and still not go insane trying to use the keyboard.

    A con on this is that some apps (gerix for instance) uses the entire Y plane (brain not fully working at moment, but you get the idea ) and you need to move the task bar at the bottom out of the way (cannot even tell if i see it all). I tried resizing it to shrink it but was unable to do so; also maximizing did not help in the way I was hoping either. You can still see almost all of the app so its not that bad, however due to the limitation of the screen its as good as its going to get.

    Overall, it works pretty well and if you happen to pick one up on the cheap then it should be great for relaxing on the couch and having fun with the new tool.
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