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Thread: Backtrack Installer.........causes hang

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    Default Backtrack Installer.........causes hang


    Thanks in advance for any assistance provide me. I diligently read the newbie sections and my problems is related but indeed different.

    I have a PC running XP (not sure on the SP2...I can't access). I loved the BT2 and so I used the 'BackTrack Installer'. It was added to hda1, which incidentally
    is where my Windows files are. No, I did not create a partition to add it to. Upon restarting my PC during boot (with CDROM removed) it hangs and displays the following information infinitely: "ATKBP.c: Spurious ACK on IS.0060 Serio0."

    I can run BT only from the CDROM and it runs normally. I have tried changing the lilo.conf file by adding "default = windows" and other changes, but they dont seem to take. I am assuming that since I am running live these changes are erased on reboot. I can access all of my files on hda1 , which has all of my files from the XP OS, but I see that it has also added BT2 files in the mix.

    I am guessing that I either have to have the XP disk to fix the MBR or I can correctly install the BT2 somehow and then fix my lilo. WHen I try and run lilo while on live in BT2, i get a "Fatal: creat /boot/map~: Read-only file system".

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    You have pretty much screwed yourself it sounds like.I would reinstall windows and keep running bt as a live cd when you need it.

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    Boot up on the XP disc, Go into the repair console (R, I think) and then when you have a command-line, do
    (say yes)
    (say yes)

    See if that works to fix your MBR. Hopefully you can get back into windows.
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    Sound to me as though you've totally screwed the pooch.

    Have fun re-installing.
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    what were u trying to do?? and why didn't you go by the installation tutorials o Dual boot Xp and BT ?? Guess you have pushed your self into this mess..i would suggest you to backup all your necessary files and go by the purehate's advice.
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