Hello everybody, i have been lurking the forums for a while now, and it looks like i need help finally

Just for the record, EVERYTHING is working fine and dandy...

Except, when i boot up my pc, and boot backtrack off my HD, i get absolutely NO type of video (screen is blank from the very start of the booting process)

The funny thing is, even without any video, when i can login like i would usually do ( user=root pass=toor) and when i type "startx" it starts KDE no problem, and everything works.

To sum it up, i want to know if any of you pro linux users can help me fix this problem.

Here is my xorg.conf, and my lilo.conf

(sry, i have to post the links like this since i cant post the full links)

hxxp:// sudik.fileave.com /xorg.conf

hxxp:// sudik.fileave.com /lilo.conf

Thank you for reading this far THX