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Thread: Booting from USB with no bios support?

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    Default Booting from USB with no bios support?

    Hi, I recently bought a 4gb usb drive for the sole purpose of running backtrack off of. It's installed correctly and will boot on my desktops but not my laptop where I plan to be using it. There is no support in my bios for a usb boot. (Sony vaio FS875P) And there is no bios update available from sony. I've been on google for hours and I haven't found anything except a bunch of people complaining how they can't from their usb floppy drive. (Vaio's don't come with floppy drive anymore so the only option is an external usb one and then sony uses a bios with no support for usb booting? ... ) Anyway, maybe there is a different bios I could install? I don't really know that much about it. Any help or a point in the right would be awesome. (Or at least tell me it's impossible )Thank you.

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    Well since there is no updates for your bios, perhaps try to locate some OLDER bios flash files that do enable booting with usb

    Flash your bios(dont nacker it up) with the old files. Really do some serious google'in to find compatable files, loading the wrong ones could be bad.

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