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Thread: aircrack to backtrack....

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    Default aircrack to backtrack....

    Hey i have been messing around with aircrack for the past month on my windows machine. I just watched the trailer for backtrack 3 and was blown away with the capabilities and ease of use. I was just getting use to aircrack(in windows) and now I think Im just gonna switch to the new backtrack. But I have some questions:
    Is backtrack 3 gonna be availible for windows?
    what will be the difference between windows vs linux version?
    Since I have been using aircrack for awhile, is the switch between the two going to be big of a difference?
    also what is the differences between aircrack and backtrack?

    thanks in advance guys

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    Just to get you on the right track:

    Backtrack is a live cd linux distro (can be run off the CD or installed); aircrack is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program. Aircrack (for linux) is included in the Backtrack2 distribution. "Installing BackTrack in a dual boot configuration" (on the offensive-security site]) may be helpful for you..

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    Your confusing stuff, aircrack is a tool, backtrack is a Operative System OS.

    Its like, you know how to turn on the car lights, but you dont know how to drive the car
    But you can crack your head into knowing how to install and use backtrack.

    My opinion is that you should run backtrack from VMware installation under your Windows, just search for the VMware instalattion strings in this forum.

    Keep in mind you need to read alot and google too so you can know how to use backtrack since its obvious you dont know nothing about linux commands and his OS structure.

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