As stupid as this may sound it is a serious question. While it may be obvious to Linux users I am a Windows user and am very unfamiliar with Linux so at the risk of being relentlessly ridiculed i am going to ask this question anyway.

Why is it that I must manually load my drivers from a command prompt every time I start Backtrack even though I have it installed on the Hard Drive?

Why doesn't it just see the hardware and load the driver like Windows?

I am going to read through all the noob area as soon as possible and I hope to start using Linux much more. This is in part due to my disappointment with Vista. I figure my next computer will either be a Mac or I will use Linux. I guess it just depends on if I can get the hang of Linux or not.

It does seem though that maybe it is not good for general users or for everyday use if you have to manually load drivers and stuff from the command prompt instead of the OS doing this manually.

Anyway thanks for the clarification and go easy on me I may be a Windows Dork and a Linux noob, but I am going to read all the Slackware books I can and hopefully soon I can rid myself of this beast they call Vista!