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Thread: satellite a100-784 with intel 3945 & pro 100 net card problems

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    Default satellite a100-784 with intel 3945 & pro 100 net card problems

    I have a Backtrack2 live cd and try to load it.My problem was none of my network cards detected upon booting BT..

    ifconfig -a

    local loopback etc...

    iwconfig -a
    no wireless etc...

    pls help....

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    Please search the forums before posting.

    This has been covered many times before......

    IPW3945 ----> load from "radio analysis" menu

    Intel100 pro lan ----> load from console "modprobe e100"

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    For whatever reason I could not get mine to work either... It turns out that when it first boots from the CD or USB (whatever you use, doesn't matter..) instead of just hitting enter at the first boot prompt, type "bt irqpoll". After that, let it load like normal, login, run startx... then go to backtrack, radio network analysis, 802.11, misc, load ipw3945.

    After that it should work. Just open shell prompt and put airmon-ng and see what comes up. eth1 should be the wireless adapter you want... so airmon-ng start eth1 will turn it to monitor mode

    Let us know how it goes.

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    i have tosh sat a-105 4334 with same net card. What i do is:
    K>Internet>set ip add

    then u enter all the info... press ok
    then u go to console/shell and u type "ifconfig eth0 up"
    then go to firefox and enjoy

    if u dont kno all the ip addresses go to my network places> view network connections and then pick ya ethernet card press right click on it and go status. Click on support tab ant then details. All u need is ip add, net mask, gateway, 1st dns and second dns. I ASSUME U HAVE XP THO Type all that in set ip add in bt 2 as i metioned at the start of my post.
    myself, by now i have memorized all the ip's so for me it takes only 1 min to get internet workin. loog in as root, startx, k->int->set ip, put numbers in, ok/apply, in shell ifconfig eth0 up, firefox

    I never had to load drivers or etc... just set ip and ifconfig eth0 up.

    aight i hope it works for u...

    good luck

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