First of all, congratulations to BT4 development team, BT4 is the best linux distribution for security.

Do you remember how to customize BT3 with LZM modules??

Well, in BT4 we donít have LZM modules, this version of BackTrack use squashfs and you need to uncompress ALL BT4 into a temporal directory(15 GB free space), then make any change that you like and compress again to gain a BT4 customized. Could be, you remember how easy was with BT3, when you make a LZM module and add this to the LiveCD.

In this HOW-TO I will teach how to get an approximation similar to BT3. At the final of the HOW-TO I put a videotutorial(not yet).

First, the advantages that we get are:

* ∑ Install debian/ubuntu/BT4 package.
* ∑ You donít need to uncompress all the LiveCD structure, so you donít need 15 GB of free space.
* ∑ Compress files with an excellent ratio.
* ∑ You can install BT4 into a USB drive, make any modification and finally burn a DVD with your BT4 customized
* ∑ Conserve changes without other partition. You only need one partition, fat32 or ext2 or ext3.
* ∑ You can share your modules (not a complete BT4 with 1.5 GB), and will be 100% functional with other BackTrack 4.
* ∑ Install any program even this is not into repositories.
* ∑ Make a module with your preferences, i.e. get Firefox plugins installed or modified KDE preferences.

The complte HOW-TO is here