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Thread: Defeat IP Static With BT3

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    Default Defeat IP Static With BT3


    as a wireless pentester how can i defeat ip static on my wireless AP.

    i already configure the AP with mac address filtering and used IP static.i just curious if there any way to find my gateway IP and the DNS ip ? is it possible to find the gateway ip and DNS ip without joining my network ?

    when i run kismet and lock to my own channel,kismet only shows the ip pattern but don't shows the gateway or DNS ip.

    sorry for my bad English.

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    How about a ping sweep of the subnet? It should give you a listing of active IPs. This should be able to start narrowing your choices for the default gateway but probably won't reveal the DNS server.

    It won't blantantly tell you that an IP is the default gateway but once you have a listing of active IPs, chances are the default will be the first or last IP in that subnet.

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    You should probably go back to the basics and not be on someone else's AP. If you are in fact on your own...still go back to the basics. I'm not trying to be harsh, but I think you're diving in rather than testing the water first.
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    If I join a network that has no DHCP server, I simply open up Wireshark and listen. If I see a load of 192.168.1.* addresses, then I'm pretty sure of the network addresses. I can find out who the router is by watching for packets with different IP addresses all coming from the same MAC address.

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    PS: ettercap to find the gw, wireshark to look for DNS requests. wireshark makes netdiscover redundant.

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