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Thread: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

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    Default Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    yeah i know, this is a really old thread. sorry in advance, you can hit me over the head with my shovel afterwards....

    thanks for this script purehate.
    just wanted to know if you are still working on it, because it's really good and fast.

    only problem i have when i'm using this is that pw-inspector won't filter the short words when i'm running this script with option 1. there are still 1 character passwords left in my list.
    when i'm running the script with option 8, everything is working fine, just like when i'm using pw-inspector.

    did a google and forums search on this subject and didn't come up with hints, leave alone a solution.

    any hints? anyone else noticed this?

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    Default Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    Good evening, community!

    I've already implied my suggestions for the next version of this awesome script to purehate via PM and received a positive feedback from him telling me that he plans to rework the script as soon as he finds the time and passion to do so. I'd like to put my suggestions for open discussion and refresh this thread due to the fact that I'm so amazed how smooth his script does what it should. Should be the GOLD-STANDARD for BackTrack! Maybe some of you even have some cool ideas how the script could be further enhanced?

    Here are mine (feel free to add your suggestions and constructive criticism):

    1. A function checking the final wordlist for cleanness would rock. I'm aware of the fact that there's already a function to delete lines matching a specific pattern. But as for merging lists I've collected I'd love to be able to automatically make sure that really NO CRAP is in the final list which might be eating up disk space and cannot be used for WPA/WPA2 pentesting.

    2. It occured to me multiple times that I executed the script from a thumbdrive. After about half an hour of processing, the script only spit out the error message that no space was left on the device. The script continued - and the only outcome was a an empty file. Should be clear as the sky to have enough space on the drive beforehand, but I'd consider such a check as a neat addition as well. Say, that upon executing the script, some quick check of the HDD occurs and if the probable size exceeds HDD space, a waring shows up.

    3. The command in section "Cleaning up the mess..." should be changed to the following code:

    rm -r working*.txt
    How come? Obviously it takes waay too long to clean up the leftovers with "rm -rf". Although I really don't know how that occurs and what benefits the -rf option should bring, I'm sure other will appreciate the simplification enjoy their wordlist much sooner.

    4. In my own slightly modified version, words of the final wordlist are counted right after finishing the whole optimization process.
    Something as simple as this shouldn't be a problem to integrate at all:

    echo -e "\n$passout should be located in the current directory."
    echo "Hold on, I'm counting the words in $passout..."
    wc -l $passout
    echo "Returning to main menu ......"
    sleep 2
    Now it's your turn to contribute. Shake it!


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    Default Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    i know this has been around for a while but still very much appreciated, thanks purehate!

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    Default Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    Nice job.
    I hawe one Q.

    Im from Croatia. Our language is kinda specific. We here hawe some extra leathers like "č枚đ" and "ČƎŠĐ".
    So using u .sh to create my own word-list, how i can add that leathers and start creating.
    Ofc there is problem when i type any of that leathers in console or so all i got ?????? unsted thos leathers.
    Kinda new in BT and learning most of it.
    When i try install new language KDE control module says: "qt-language-selector --mode-install" not found
    To me that thing looks logical to install if wanth Croatian to use, but dont know how to set it up.
    If there is u can help me a bouth that list well be rly nice.


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