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Thread: New and need some modem help.

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    Default New and need some modem help.

    hey guys i downloaded backtrack about 2 days ago and i love it and want to make it my primary os the only problem is that it dosnt detect my modem.i went threw the dial up manager thing and setup my account and what number i dialed.i also made the modem profile(if thats a good word for it)but then it comes up with a error saying that it cannot find the modem or something close to this...backtrack detected everything on my card,wirelesscard,sound everything but the any idea on how i can fix this or download drivers for my modem.

    my modem is a (HDAUDIO soft data fax modem with smartcp)
    Its a compaq presario v6000 laptop.

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    yes my problem is same.
    can anybody help me thanks
    Th4n|<$ B3 4
    noobies backtrack community :D

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    People still have dialup modems? Weird...
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    What's this modem of which you speak??
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    WinModems for the loss.
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