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Thread: Sniffing Webcam traffic? How to do it?

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    Default Sniffing Webcam traffic? How to do it?

    I just bought a new Dell monitor equiped with a webcam. Happens to be my first webcam. The documentation says I can monitor remotely. Which leads me to my question... can I sniff my webcam traffic remotely. I've googled and unfortunately all my searches for anything "webcam" related has not been successful. Although some of the results were amusing . I followed a tutorial here ...the one a while ago about aquiring songs from myspace with Wireshark. Is this the right direction to take?...or maybe some other tool available in BT? Can I siphon webcam data from a .cap file?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This so isnt your camera is it

    Camera of a flat mate/x-girl friend? haha

    Be honest now

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    If you aren't using the cam (ie: you're remote to it) how/why is it generating traffic?

    Or do you mean can someone sniff you're traffic while you accessing the camera remotely? (Which isn't really the camera's traffic but your traffic). In which case yes anyone who has access to a piece of network equipment between the camera and you can monitor your traffic. Also whatever access you have to the camera remotely would be available to other to attempt to compromise (hope you have a strong password).
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