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Thread: Asus EEE pc

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    Default Asus EEE pc

    Asus and intel partnered up to release this linux based ultra-portable laptop recently.

    Does anyone know if this can run backtrack2 fairly easily? I believe I heard it has an atheros network card but I am not sure.

    4 gig solid state storage
    512mb ram
    ~2.8 hrs battery life
    Intel celeron cpu

    If anyone knows if this device can be used for packet injection, run BT2, and and be put into "monitor" mode and all that other good stuff, let me know. This thing seems pretty interesting and for $350 it won't break the bank.

    It will be interesting to see how this niche will play out for asus.

    Oh, and hello everyone!

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    Lightbulb Here you go....

    Shoulda searched around a bit..................

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