Hi Guyz

Im New To BT

Just Installed From Live CD To Hdd

I Have Configured My IP And Network Is Working Fine And Fast

But The Problem Is That To Use My Net I Have To Login In My Account

And Im Not Able To Install The Login Soft

I Have Downloaded Login Soft Of Linux Which Code As follows:

File Name install.sh
if [ `id --user` -ne 0 ]
	echo "You should be root to install the Sify Broadband Client"
	exit 1
mkdir -p /usr/bin/
mkdir -p /usr/.SifyBband
cp -f sifyconnect /usr/bin/
cp -f background.png /usr/.SifyBband/
cp -f icon.png /usr/.SifyBband/
cp -f systray.png /usr/.SifyBband/
echo "Sify Broadband Client Installed Successfully"
And Its Readme File Contains This :

Sify Broadband Client Version 3.0 for Linux (GUI)


1. gtk2 version 2.0 or later
2. openssl 0.9.7 or later


	* Run the file install.sh
		$ ./install.sh


	* You should login as root user to install the client
	* Run the file uninstall.sh
		$ ./uninstall.sh

Launching the Client:

	* As root user type the following command
		$ sifyconnect

any help would be apprectiated

Thanx A lot