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Thread: New*** User @ BT [help]

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    Default New*** User @ BT [help]

    Greetings, I'm hoping to use backtrack and was, probably hopelessly, thinking it might be simple enough to figure out with a few glances at some tutorials/the forum. Er, the thing is it seems, at least by the links I've seen, to not be completely idiot proof and was hoping someone could link me to a true "newbie", assume I know nothing of the sort, guide.

    In case it helps I was planning on using a wireless usb dongle & win xp
    hxxp:// Sorry, http, but the forum won't allow me to post links yet

    I'm fairly certain I made a live cd from the iso on the download page, but I'm not quite sure of what to do from there (as in how do I use this live cd that I just made?)

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well if you know nothing about linux this may not be the distro for you, maybe ubuntu.
    Having said that however you can search in the forums for whaterver info you may need most of your "newbie" questions can be found either here or in google
    Also check with thats what this distro is based off of.
    I will also warn that generic newbie questions will not get answered If I were you I would also check out
    Read Read and Read some more!!

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    Don't expect to understand everything you read in one day. You will go through a learning curve before things starts lighting up.
    Google is your friend.
    I think the best way to learn is trial and error. When you get stucks, ask specific questions.
    Read Read and read

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