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Thread: fakeauth a belkin

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    Default fakeauth a belkin

    iv cracked my routers speedtouch linksys but my belkin just wont let me fakeauth to it

    normal cmd is aireplay -e(router) -a (ap mac) -h (fake mac) --fakeauth 2 ath0
    mac filter is disabled on the router as well so any1 know how or point me in the right direction or cant fakeauth be done on a belkin any help wecome
    many thanks

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    Whats your networks name?

    Your Fake authentication command should be like this...

     aireplay-ng -1 0 -e networksnamehere -a APmac -h fakeMAC ath0
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    may come from the network name (maybe need quotes)

    or maybe you have SKA auth enabled

    if so you will need a prga xor file in order to manage fakeauth
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