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These forums don't have those postings. The document was written with the old forums. See Remote Exploit Forums - Home of BackTrack for those posts.

I am sure WEP cracking howtos will be posted here eventually. Cracking WEP is very easy as long as you the right wireless card.
feel free to correct me if i am being a real iddiot here but in my view i dont realy see much point in training to become amzingly skilled at cracking wep...i think it is a dying breed nowdays, i mean i have taught myself to do some basic cracks but im not realy going to focus in training for every scenario ect. as i feel that it (even now) is obsolite and only realy used by people using defualt settings on their home wifi, and in that scenario any basic crack would get you in,

in my view it is already useless and will be as dead as the dodo in a few years

although as i said feel free to correct me