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Thread: Something to read .chm files.

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    Default Something to read .chm files.

    CHM is "Microsoft Compiled HTML Help." Usually when you download an Ebook it's either PDF or CHM. backtrack doesn't have anything that supports chm files.

    I know its a windows thing but there are readers for it for linux. see:[/url]
    I have no preference: You decide!

    It seems support for chm's on linux isn't present in the more universal document reading things like and konqurer. Oh well maybe one day things will change, but until then...

    Thanks Leben.

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    Check this out. It seems to fit the bill.

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    Default xchm fits the bill

    digging up a old thread, sorry for that, but I was also looking for a chm reader...I thought some others could be interested to know that xchm installs and works well on backtrack (eeepc + bt3 beta in my case).

    thank you

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