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Thread: wireless router/signal emulation/simulation

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    Default wireless router/signal emulation/simulation

    i am looking for anyway to emulate or simulate a wireless router signal so i can test my cracking of wireless this way if it is all emulated than it isn't illegal. i have searched google but to no success if anyone can help then it would be appreciated

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    Default Re: wireless router/signal emulation/simulation

    Get yourself a wireless ap and set a password then use the aircrack suite to "crack" said password then connect to said ap. It's not that hard and there are guides all over the net on how to do it.

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    Default Re: wireless router/signal emulation/simulation

    The device in question being a real wireless AP doesn't make it illegal. Not owning the wireless AP/not having permission to crack it is what makes it illegal.

    That said, I picked up a Linksys WRT54G for my hacklab at Wal-Mart. I think it was about $25. Flash it with DD-WRT and you've got yourself a pretty decent router for cheap.

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