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Thread: Packet Sniffing

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    Default Packet Sniffing

    hi guys!

    i'm trying to sniff packets through my wireless network.

    i've 2 client connected:

    client 1 ---> apple
    client 2 ---> win XP

    and a third client with backtrack 2 installed.

    i do a fakeauth (with succes) on the network with aireplay and after i use ettercap to do arp spoofing.
    Then i start airodump to save the packet in a file.
    next i use airdecap with my WEP key to remove the wireless headers and then i open the file with wireshark to see the network traffic.

    is this method correct??

    sorry for my bad english.

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    sorry for the previous is a lot confused!

    with google i found a lot of information about packet sniffing and ettercap and now i'm able to sniff encrypted traffic with ettercap but i have to be connected to my network to do so.

    now i'm trying to do that offline with the network traffic stored in a file generated by airodump-ng.

    thx anyway.

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