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Thread: change from querty to azerty

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    Default change from querty to azerty

    how can i change my keyboard to azerty? when i boot from the BT cd it changes to querty?

    my second question is that my usbdongle won't recognized.
    it's a:

    model : XG-701A
    fcc id M4Y-XG701A
    ean 2305948
    usb 2.0 dongle 802.11b/g

    i have the drivers but they are for windows...

    i am a absolute noob but willing to learn.


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    for konsole or shell

    setxkbmap fr

    or if you want to switch to french bt ........

    use my windows installer .......... it have a built in internationalization option
    but it installs only on usb ........

    the mods include keyboard hack + konsole keyboard hack + kde language pack ........

    just choose internationalization, choose your language....

    that's it enjoy
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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