I'm starting a "Computer Networking Science" associates degree program at my local tec. school. It seems to be a basic networking degree but it's the best thing I could find in my area. I just wanted to ask Xploitz and anyone else who is/has attended similar programs that involve the general study of networking etc. What do you want to do after school? Pen-testing specifically or simply a network administrator? I think a job as a pen-tester would indeed be cool, but I believe I would enjoy even being a network admin as well. I've always shown an interest in making computers "talk", and feel any job in this field would be fun. Also, just wondering how much such a basic class prepares you for a pen-testing specific job. I'm asking this stuff here because the counselors there were not at all familiar at all with the word "pen-test", and couldn't offer any insight to these questions. Thanks everyone.