Hi all,

I am creating a live cd for my college assignment purposes which will contain all the needed packages required for whole curriculum.
Earlier i had created Live cd based on SLAX and it was running perfectly fine.
But suddenly our professor comes up with a requirement of package manager. According to them and i guess we should all also agree that Synaptic is better tha GSLPAT in some sense.
Now they want me to remaster Ubuntu live and reinvest all efforts in Ubuntu.
I tried to convince them but all in vein. They asked me to give them comparison between SLAX and Ubuntu based on the points they will choose the base distro.

Guys i am really big fan of slax and its modularity but this package manager might issue might divert my their mind.
As slax forum is locked for new post...i am end up posting it here. Sorry for that.
Please help me out with some strong supporting points for the comparison.

Thank you,