Hi, I just recieved my NL-2511 EXT2 in hte post. When i load BT2 it says:
eth1 and mentions Prisim I ??

So i run the card prep and load hostap drivers theninsert the card again enter hostap_diag wlan0 or wifi0 and it shows as

NICID: id=0x800c v1.0.0 (PRISM II (2.5) PCMIA (STT parallel flash))
PRIID: id=0x0015 v1.1.1
STAID: id=0x001f v1.7.4 (station firmware)

Now this all looks great as it should be until i go to change the mac and this apears.
macchanger --mac=00:11:22:33:44:55 wifi0
Current MAC: 00:026f:34:e0:1d [wireless] (Senao SL-2011CD)
Faked MAC: 00:11:22:33:44:55 (Cimsys Inc)

Is this just me, do you have the same result on a branded card or am i being paranoid that i have been fobed off with a dodgey card ?